Two days out!!

After we went shopping for a car, we got a call from Ferdie that they'll be in Megamall the whole day so if we were going to be finished earlier than our schedule, we might want to drop by and meet up with them. Well, we did finish up early and we did meet them in Megamall in the afternoon! LOL Stevie, Toni, Lance and Hannah met them for lunch so they were already there too :)

Naturally, I had to change the kids' clothes and freshen up because we were all so sweaty! LOL After all that we went to meet them in Toy Kingdom where Tita Flor was kind enough to tell the kids to pick out whatever toy they wanted. We actually didn't want to anymore because she's given us and the kids so much. But, still we ended up with 2 Cars toys for the kids, they're really addicted to Lightning McQueen! LOL

After that, we all trooped to Shangri-La Mall to watch Charice Pempengco perform. Turned out that Ferdie and Barb were fans of hers and it was good timing that they'll get to see her for free :) We watched Jay Cayuca perform too as he was the opening act. Dylan loved it!! Dana was saying "Bravo" after every song !

We didn't get to watch Charice sing though because the kids were getting fussy and hungry so Tita Flor, Patrick, myself and the kids all went to California Pizza Kitchen to eat. It was just a few steps away so we can still hear her sing haha We went home around 11pM I think LOL

The next day, after doing the laundry and those mundane household chores, we still went to Cubao because Patrick needed to buy a coat for an event he had to attend the next day. We ended up buying one in SM, after much searching. We also bought white shirts for Patrick's dad's burial on Wednesday. Man, were we so tired LOL and I think the stress and the fatigue is catching up.. I think I have a cold ...

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