Good News and Bad News

So now that we no longer have a nanny, I am forced to bring the kids with me to do the errands :) Mind you, it's not so bad.. I love it in fact and they love getting out of the house too :) I'm just glad that they're really well-behaved kids who don't throw temper tantrums when they don't get what they want :)

Anyway, Monday (16th) Den and I got our eyes checked at the mall optical shop. We've been meaning to get eyeglasses for a long time but have never really gotten to it. So here she is with her new eyeglasses :) The deal was she'll take care of it and wear it constantly. We had her fitted with eyeglasses before because she was suffering from astigmatism (which I think runs in the family as I have it too) and she only wore the darned things for a week.. and then she couldn't remember where she put them LOL

On the 17th, my dad, the kids and I went to GSIS to ask about the processing of my mom's pension. We still needed additional documents before they can act on it. The kids enjoyed that day with Lolo Ben :)

Wednesday was a good day. Patrick went to pick up my payment from the Big C Magazine (yes, I published another article!). They were great because they also included a 2009 planner as a Christmas giveaway so Thanks Big C :)

We also visited the mall again and enjoyed our day out as you can see from the pictures :)

Oh and finally while I was cleaning the house, my 10+ year old bookcase finally gave way. It couldn't handle the tons of books I have on it LOL Now I can't wait to find a new bookcase to replace it hahahaha

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