Tadeo Triple Birthday Celebration

So Saturday finally came. The kids were both excited because they knew that they'll get to play with their cousins Lance and Rhys and Baby Hannah when we go to Marikina for a Tadeo Triple Birthday Celebration!!

Since Dimples, Patrick and their mom shared February as their birth month, we thought it would be best if we just celebrated it together. The plan was to go directly to Loyola Memorial Park to visit their Mom and then on to Stevie's house for food and fun :)

Everything became hectic because Patrick also attended a Press Event for Top Gear Philippines (Digital) in UP. When we were getting ready to leave, the balikbayan boxes that Tita Flor sent arrived LOL Then we called Dimples if she can just come by and pick up some of the stuff that she likes so that we won't have to ask her to come back, saves her on a trip :) Since most of the stuff were their Dad's, it was a poignant feeling to go through them. Especially when we came across the shirt that he wore when he went to the airport. It was the last time they saw him, alive and well.

Then we decided that it would also be best if we took some of the stuff to Stevie's house so that he can go through them and maybe find something for himself as well. There were some shoes that haven't been worn so he might want some of them. Good thing that Jericho was driving the Innova van so we can fit in it LOL

On the way, we also decided to pass by Stevie's house first so that we can drop the stuff there and then pick them up in the process so we can go to Loyola together. Good idea right? LOL On the way, we stopped at a 7-11 because none of us has had a bite to eat and we were getting famished because it was already 3pm LOL

Finally, got to Stevie's house, then on to Loyola.. The kids immediately ran around the place.. It was so much fun to watch :) The fun went on when we arrived at Stevie's house. Patrick and I left the kids in their care so that we can buy some more food from the mall across their place. When we got there, we all ate together :) It was a happy time..


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