Bing has left the building!

Wow.. this week has been tough. I've been battling the cold and cough yet again and it sucks! It's like Murphy's law that when something can go wrong, it will. Not only was I sick but Bing, the nanny, was also sick. So who's left to take care of the kids, me of course! Imagine having to take care of the kids, plus the nanny and yourself. Man, that was tough!

On the 12th, Bing left for her aunt's house. She wanted me to take her to them the night before but how could I? I have the kids to take care of and I was also sick, so I told her to just call her aunts and have them take her if they can. Unfortunately, they couldn't. I did give her medicine for her fever because that's all she had. Anyway, the next day, she communicated with her aunts (through my phone no less) until later in the afternoon, they made her take a cab to them. And that was the last I saw of her. She didn't even have the courtesy to answer my calls and text messages. In the end, I spoke with the aunt that I knew she was staying with. Turns out she wasn't there but with another aunt somewhere in Rizal. To cut the drama short, now, no more nanny.

We never even got to celebrate Patrick's birthday that Friday. I was in too bad a mood. We even had to postpone his and Dimples' celebration of their birthdays which was supposed to happen that Saturday.

That was a bad week..

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