Going shopping in Cubao!

It's the first time that we're going out for the New Year. This time it's with Bing our Nanny. We're going to the Araneta Center in Cubao to look for a cabinet/closet for her room. Also, it was my intention to look for some office clothes for my job interview with Summit Media on Monday.

We first had lunch at the Gateway Food Express where Den and I ordered a big bowl of Mongolian barbecue while Patrick and the rest of the gang had steaks at House of Mini's. We then went to check out Shopwise first because they usually have a great selection of houseware and furniture at a very affordable price. Unfortunately, we didn't find what we needed this time. What we did find was a Body Slender exercise machine which I've been eyeing since I saw it on an infommercial LOL It was on sale for P2700 (which I bargained down to P2600 and that also included pink 0.5kg dumbells, a CD and a special floor mat). We then went to SM where we found a cabinet that's just the right size and the right price.

After buying that, we went around the ladies' section to look for clothes. Naturally, after giving birth I've gained some pounds (from 100 pounds to 130 pounds!) I went from size S to size XL!! I couldn't believe that the clothes they have available don't fit well on me. I needed to try on size XL!!! I refuse to believe that I'm an XL!!! boohoohoo I was getting teary-eyed in the fitting room because it's frustrating looking for clothes that look good on you. I think that they're either cost cutting and scrimping on the cloth or the sizes are really small!!! I ended buying a black, silk blouse which Den assured me looked good enough and will look better if I lost a few more pounds. I wanted to buy a pair of decent pants but I can't even bring them up over my hips hahahhaha Time to really lose weight! LOL

From SM, we went back to Shopwise for grocery shopping. There were some great bargains though.. Like a 6-seater dining table set for roughly P4,500. A computer table/desk for less than P1,000. I wanted to buy that desk for Dana but we still have to fix the house hahaha

All in all it was a good day despite that crying jag in the fitting room.. I'm such a drama queen ! LOL Tomorrow is going to be a tiring day because we're moving furniture about woohoo!!

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