I wish I had my old body back! LOL

Moving furniture from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor, doing the laundry and basically keeping the kids in line have really tired me out. Not just me but everyone in the household. You have to understand that we have to do these chores simultaneously, not to mention cooking lunch too ! :)

Because we have a new Nanny, she will be occupying Den's room on the 2nd floor while Den will move to the bigger room on the 3rd floor with the kids. Patrick and I will be moving from that big room to a room that used to serve as the storage (but was historically my room when my mom and brother still lived here). Can you imagine this daunting task? hahaha

First, we tried to sort out the junk from the stuff that we're keeping. There were boxes and boxes of old VHS tapes, cassette tapes, old school books, old bags and just a bunch of your regular "trash" LOL After sorting, we cleaned the room, moved our bed, my cabinet (which ended up getting broken too (oh man!) and some other stuff. Then we had to move Den's cabinet and bed (the other half of a bunk bed) from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. I almost fell down the stairs when I couldn't hold on to the weight of the cabinet and I could feel it falling on me. In the end, we had to call on Den's help, whew!

Next, we assembled Bing's cabinet/closet. At least that one was easy to do hahaha Finished that in no time!

There was still a lot of stuff left in the hallway, but we've managed to send a lot of it to the trash. Fortunately there were garbage trucks that pass by at night and we managed to bring those out immediately. We were so tired, we ended up just ordering for delivery from Jollibee one of the local fast food chains.

In the end, I couldn't sleep until 2:30AM!! And then, when I did manage to catch a few zzz's, Dana came into the room to wake me up because she wanted to stay in the room too. I just went back to her room and we shared her bed :)

Needed to sleep for the job interview the next day.

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