We have a babysitter! :)

Ever since the kids were born, it's just us in the house - Patrick, myself, Den and the kids. We've managed fine enough and the kids are really brilliant (if I do say so myself hehe) and behaved. We've survived being able to handle them and learning how to be parents. We're still on that road seeing as you never stop learning how to manage your kids no matter how old they become hahahaha

The point is, we've always done it by ourselves. Our parents don't live with us. We can only call them for advice and Patrick's dad and my Dad were the only ones who were able to visit. It's tough raising kids on your own as so many stay-at-home moms can attest to. You really need to have all the energy to last you through the day. Add to it, the demand of also having to write so that there will be additional income for the family.

Can you believe that last Tuesday was the first time that Patrick was able to go see a movie by himself?! Yes, the last he watched in the theater was The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King!! hahaha yes it's true!! Dana was not yet born at that time. We watched it together, wait, so technically all three of us went together hahahaha

Patrick and I haven't gone anywhere that's just the two of us. We always had the kids with us when we went out. Either I took Dana and Dylan was left with him or it's usually him who's going out for errands and I stayed home with the kids. If I do go out, it's usually with Den and we have to hurry back because Patrick's not used to dealing with the kids LOL

Anyway, we decided to get a babysitter because Dana will be starting school and I needed someone to help me around the house. It will also be the perfect time for me to go back to work (assuming I get hired LOL). Because you know, once the kids go to school, you need a never-ending supply of money to get you through all that ! LOL

So I asked my dad's help if he knew anyone willing to work with us. And two days ago I got a call from him that the babysitter has arrived from his hometown in Calayan. Imagine my shock! Where will we put her? hahaha She will be a live-in babysitter/helper around the house and we didn't have a place to put her in! The house was a mess hahaha but we figured it's just a small setback that we can easily overcome. Yesterday she arrived and the room was a bit prepared. We did need to buy her a new cabinet and it looks like the house will be having a few repairs coz Patrick and I are moving to our own room too. Den's room on the 2nd floor will be for the babysitter and she in turn will be moving in with the kids in what's our room now. whew! major renovations needed!

We're all still adjusting and it's fun :) Hope we're going to get along great! :) but it looks like the kids like her and they're bonding yesterday. I can't believe the kids weren't looking for me for a full 2 hours last night.. That was a surprise! LOL


  1. Congrats on getting some extra help! You'll have to keep us updated on how this and the job hunt work out.

  2. Kris,
    Thanks. I'm actually kinda nervous now.. hahaha

  3. Hi!
    Congratulations to for the babysitter. Wish your child will be compitable with her.
    See you around.

  4. "Lunatic",

    Thanks for your comment. My girl is compatible and they're enjoying themselves a lot. It's my son who seems to be really attached to me :)

    Thanks for dropping by!



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