How my kids have grown!

For the past couple of weeks, I haven't been doing any writing at all! Good, because it allowed me to catch up on a lot of household chores LOL Bad, because we're going to be quite broke again LOL

Honestly though, I was glad that I wasn't doing any writing because it allowed me to look at my kids real closely. And I noticed that they really have grown!!!

Dana's pants, shirts and shorts have gotten so small for her. Dylan can reach across the desk where the laptop is and get access to all his DVD's!! And just the other day, Den noticed that Dylan has grown really tall and now his head has gotten past the stairs railing.

Also, Dana and I were playing Suikoden III on the Playstation and with it, I noticed that she can read whole sentences already!!! The dialogue for the game is read not heard so that allowed me to watch and listen to her. She was reading the dialogue by herself!! Gosh, that surprised me !! I mean, I knew that she knew how to read but the skill with which she was reading was awesome!!!

Dylan is also pretty much potty-trained already. He's gotten used to going to the bathroom for both peeing and pooping :) The problem is, when he's wearing just briefs he still has an accident because I think it confuses him and he thinks it's a diaper! hahahha when he's wearing shorts, he doesn't have any problem LOL When he's taking a nap, he even wakes up and goes to the bathroom and then goes back to napping :)

Time is really flying by and I wish we can slow it down some :) I still want to spend more time with my kids :) Although I do am lucky that I've been there for them all these years.. It IS a privilege :)

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