2nd Sem has started, more expenses coming our way!!

Oh my gosh.. the 2nd semester for Den's freshmen year has started last November 3 and we're plagued with so many expenses. Those who have kids in college and university will understand what I mean LOL

Can you imagine this? I think their generation has turned into a generation of waste. I apologize before hand because this post may have a few gripes in it so be warned! :)

What I mean by a generation of waste is this. For instance, every sem, every student is required to take PE classes, right. So that's fine. The problem is the uniform - for every class there's a special uniform. She took soccer last sem, she had to buy soccer pants, a cap, gloves, socks and a shirt for P700 a set if I'm not mistaken. After that, she's not going to use it anymore. For this sem, we just went to the mall to buy her a pair of dancing shoes because her PE is social dance. I thought it's just your regular pair which may cost around P300, at the most P500. This is on top of her PE Uniform which already cost P700 yet again. Well, guess what? The danged pair of shoes retails for P2,000 pesos!!! Is this right? Do I need to spend this much for a PE Class???? What the heck?!!!

I remember when I was in college, we only had a regular skirt, shorts, jazz shoes and a shirt for our PE Uniform.. All girl students have the same uniform regardless of their PE class. The shirts are color-coded based on year level, so the whole ensemble you can use for a year's worth. The only different PE Uniform is that of the swimming classes, which is understandable coz you can't exactly swim with a skirt on.

I just don't get it. It was just lucky for me that when we went to this mall, they were having a pre-christmas sale so we got the shoes for 50% discount. But still, it's a big chunk of cash out of our budget... It's just not right, man!!

At a time when people are trying to scrape off every little thing they can to live day to day.. this is a big blow.. I don't know what their university is thinking!!!

Well, enough of this ranting.. I was able to buy some sandals for both Dana and Dylan at a fraction of the cost yet again :) I'll post the pictures soon :) Oh and DVD's for kids were on sale - if you buy one, the next DVD that you buy will only cost P5 hahaha. I bought Dana one of Thomas the Engine and the other of Pingu :) That was a steal !!

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