Happy Anniversary!

Patrick and I just reached our 14th year together!! Wow, I guess this is more than what most married couples reach hahahaha I mentioned this to my brother and he laughingly said, "Marriage is evil" hahahha I guess it's to be expected coming from siblings of a broken marriage..

Anyway, so I was thinking what was it that made us last this long? I would have to say it's our sense of humor. Both Patrick and I are crazy hahaha, just ask anybody we know.. It's no surprise that our kids are the same way :) We both love the same things - we both love to read, we both love to write, we both love to play video games, we both love to watch movies and films, we both love to eat. That's not to say that we don't argue or fight about some things, of course we do, who doesn't?

But from our differences we also learn something new. Like, if not for Patrick, I wouldn't have known what the heck an F1 is (honestly, I still don't know haha) and I guess he's tolerated my fascination for the X-Files and David Duchovny (for that matter) and I know that he favors Madchen Amick and Charlize Theron among others :) We each have our own indulgences LOL I keep telling him that he's lucky with me because I don't get jealous when pretty girls (and pretty boys ) come into his line of vision.

Now that we have kids, we find our fulfillment from them. Watching them grow and learn and be happy. Our kids are bright, it's unbelievable they came from us hahahaha they're pretty cute too if I do say so myself :) We may not have enough money (sometimes no money at all!) but we believe that raising our kids to be good, intelligent and independent is more than what we can hope for. It's a testament to
our parents who raised us the same way. I just hope that they'll be proud of us someday.


  1. 14 years? that's admirable! happy 14th anniv and more to come! stay in love! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! and from what I've seen/heard, you guys are doing a wonderful job with your kids and your niece. I'm sure when they are older they will appreciate all that you have done for them.

  3. Bookfool and Kris,

    Thank you so much for the kind words :)


  4. Edelweiza! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Rachel!!! -Sharon

  6. Sharon, thank you for the greetings :)

  7. Happy anniversary a little late- I hear you about the cost of teenagers these days!! UGHHH LOL
    HUGS and best wishes for many more happy and healthy years together!

  8. happy anniversary! grabe tagal na!!! congrats! hehhee!

  9. Deb and Toni,

    Thanks for the greetings :)


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