A satisfying day at the Mall

Yesterday, we trooped to Robinson's Manila to buy Den new pairs of shoes for the 2nd semester in school. "New shoes? Again?!" you ask haha yes, she needs new shoes because her feet are like a bulldozer for some reason and shoes don't last long in them LOL

Fortunately, when we went to Philam we found out that Robinson's Manila was having a sale so we decided to go back for some great bargains. And we did find great stuff, not to mention, getting confused about the whole layout because apparently, the new Adriatico Wing was expanded even more and it was surprising to see so many more shops! :)

Here are the bargains we got:
We went to the children's department because the kids needed new shoes. Dana got a pair of rubber shoes for P250 (down from P700) and Dylan's pair cost only P150!! In a world where shoes cost a minimum of P300 per pair, these were a steal hahahaha

We got Den's two pairs of shoes, for P200 each, a great buy since their regular price was P600 each !! So we bought two pairs and saved P800!! Not bad for a day's work hahahaha

Other items that we bought, though not on sale include light bulbs, an extension cord and a new phone cable. We ate at Karate Kid.. man, I really had a craving for their gyoza and Beef Teriyaki :) We brought home some california maki too :) We also bought a chocolate roll from Goldilocks. Yummy! We were so full from eating at the Karate Kid that we didn't eat dinner at all, except for the cake hahahha


  1. hi! so shoes pa din ba nasa wishlist ng mga kids? :)

  2. Toni,

    Girlie sandals for Dana and Sandals for Dylan sana ;) Thanks.



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