Lance's 2nd Birthday

September 27, 2008

Today, we went to Stevie and Toni's house in Marikina to celebrate Lance's 2nd birthday :) At first, we weren't sure if it will push through because it ws getting very close to Toni's due date. But, she had her check-up earlier in the week and the doctor told her that Hannah may be coming the week after. But, for once we were on time for a celebration coz we just took the LRT train to get there hahahaha

Unfortunately, Dimples, Jericho and Rhys weren't there.

The cousins just played around while we were waiting for Ate Rose to finish cooking :) Toni did cook the hotdogs! LOL The food was so yummy!! Ate Rose, Toni thank you! hahaha and to think we even had take-out LOL

Thanks goes out to Sharon, Toni's sister for the cake !! Ang sarap!! Delicious!!!

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