Dylan got a Hair Cut!

This post is late in coming because things have been pretty busy at home, what with cleaning, writing, more cleaning and more writing and basically taking care of the kids.

Last August 24, Dylan got his hair cut at the local barber shop. We usually go to the Kids' Hair Salon in SM Manila because that's where the kids usually have their haircuts but they cost P250. It's still pretty affordable considering that your kids just sit quietly while they're getting their hair done. They have TV sets which air Barney, Dora and Blue's Clues shows so the kids are pretty much occupied. But since, we're really financially strapped we couldn't afford to and Dylan needed a hair cut so bad because his eyes are already getting irritated from his hair.

So we decided on taking him to the local barber shop (there's a number of them around where we live) which charge anywhere from P20 to P50 for kids' hair cuts. Mind you, some are air conditioned, some are not and they're pretty regular, home-based businesses so you can't really expect the luxurious treatment you get from going to the mall salons. Anyway, to us, as long as Dylan gets a good cut then its fine. Beggars can't be choosers, right?

Anyway, things went pretty okay. Dylan wasn't fussy at all although he would get tired of putting his head down but that's it. I did end up with some hair on me because I needed to calm him down a number of times (he got weirded out by the sound of the shaver!)

Over-all we spent P40 (yeah, cheapskates! LOL). After that we bought Kutchinta and Puto at our favorite store right across it. :)

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