Favorite Great American Seafood Cook Off

In our family, everyone loves seafood. If we can eat seafood every day we’ll be content and satisfied, especially if we get it fresh and natural straight from the local wet market, which is a blessing, because it’s quite near our place. Food doesn’t quite taste as good when you buy frozen from the supermarket, in my honest opinion.

So, because we love seafood so much, I always make it a point to experiment with new recipes and the Internet is a great place to search. I came across this irresistible recipe from the 2008 Great American Seafood Cook Off. It’s called Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille Cassoule from Chef Brian Landry of Louisiana and as you can see from the picture, it’s positively scrumptious!

It looks very simple to make, the ingredients are readily available in the local market or at your neighborhood groceries and you don’t need any specialized equipment to cook the food in. I might substitute the beer with our local brand though just to give it that native touch. This recipe is perfect for us because it’s got shrimps and sausages that we all love. It also seems interesting because you don’t normally cook this kind of food in the Philippines, so cooking it and eating it will be an adventure for us.

To my friends who share my love for seafood, I know you want to download the recipe, so just visit their site and look for the cook off at www.GreatAmericanSeafoodCookOff.com. If you live in the United States, you may also vote for your own favorite recipe and possibly win a trip to New Orleans prize package that comes with two Southwest Airline roundtrip tickets, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and more!

Happy Cooking and Eating!

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  1. Or, I could hop in the car and drive to New Orleans. LOL That shrimp looks delicious!

  2. bookfool: it looks positively mouth-watering yeah!!


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