Tadeo Get Together

Last Saturday, September 06, the Tadeo family had a small get together in Stevie and Toni's house in Marikina. Patrick, the kids and I went and so with Dimples, Jeric and Rhys. It was a good time for the kids/cousins to bond and for the grown-ups to catch up on things. For one, Stevie and Toni are expecting their 2nd child, Hannah Sofia within the month so that's pretty exciting for everyone.

The reason why we're all there was because their Dad and stepmother, Tita Flor, have sent a balikbayan box so we were getting our share from it. Dana got a ViewMaster, a Disney Princess Flashlight, lots of clothes, pencils, stickers, a book. Dylan got a ball gun and a toy car. They both got their share of chocolates and lollipops too. Of course, Dana is limited to one lollipop a day and she should drink water afterward. That's the rule hehehe But it seems that her Ate Den likes the lollipops as well ! LOL

There were a lot of diapers but they were too small to fit any of the kids. Dana doesn't wear diapers anymore so that leaves only the three boys. Lance, Stevie and Toni's eldest, wears XXL diapers, while Rhys (Dimples' son) and Dylan, wear XL. The diapers ended up going to Stevie and Toni for Hannah :) I did ask for one pack of diapers for my sister Sharon who also happened to give birth last September 4. In the end, Rhys and Dylan shared with the pull-ups that were also in the box. Dylan doesn't wear diapers anymore, except during the night. It really saves us on the cost of diapers LOL

There were also a lot of T-shirts, Den and I got some of them :) And of course, Patrick's favorite, lots of Spam canned goods :)

Patrick was also happy with the three pairs of shoes he got. It was also the right timing because his other rubber shoes were falling apart LOL

Anyway, I'll update the pics as soon as I consolidate them :) For the meantime, enjoy the pics that Dimples took with her camera phone :)

To Dad and Tita Flor, Maraming, Maraming Salamat Po!

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