Out of the house at last!

Yesterday, Saturday, we were finally able to get out of the house for a trip to the mall.. It's been while since we went out for fun because we've been out of funds hahahaha and going to the mall is not part of the budget LOL

Well, the kids and I were so excited even though we're just going window shopping but at least it gets us out of the house hehehehe

So we went to SM Mall of Asia!! We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant.. we hadn't eatern there before so that was an adventure.. but they cooked the food real well!! Yummy! Oishi!!! and the California Maki was so fresh!! we loved it!!

We also bought a mouse for the PC and hope that this one lasts.. the last one we bought, it didn't even last a week! and to think it was a bit expensive and branded

We also went to the Promenade along the Manila Bay...there was a small playground for kids and a water fountain and that's where the fireworks show happens every Friday and Saturday.. It was a blast!

We also did some grocery shopping and went home at around 8:30PM haha boy, were we all tired out.. my feet were aching from all that walking.. hahahah I'm getting old!!!

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  1. I would take that old mouse right back. It should've lasted more than a week! Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get out. Dana looks adorable!


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