My blog finally got approved for Payperpost!

Okay finally I'm now a member of the Payperpost club ! woohoo I'm so excited!! I heard about this website from my sister-in-law when she told me that she was able to pay for their son's birthday party from her earnings through the Payperpost opportunities. At first I was skeptical, naturally, because there were so many scams on getting paid on the Internet.

And then while searching for a new template, I chanced about the review of Payperpost at the website. And they said that Payperpost is one of the best and trustworthy ways to make money on the Internet. Now, that made me think!

I didn't really know that my blog could generate some income for me considering that I started it as a way of continuing my conversations with my Mom who recently died in a pedestrian accident in the United States.

So I really considered all my options and finally signed up! After all, I do love to write and if that is what it takes to get paid then why not right? As of now, I’m still a newbie but I’m already excited about all the possibilities that my joining Payperpost family will give me.

Enjoy and Good Luck!!


  1. What's payperpost? sounds interesting!


  2. Tammy, check out



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