I got an article published!!

You guys know I've been writing articles for the Net for the past few years (has it been that long???) but most of it I don't get credit for as they're used for website content. Call it ghost-writing if you will..

Well last April, I was asked to write for a cancer magazine called "The Big C". Well, the article is out and published, both as a teaser on their website at www.thebigcmagazine.com, here's the link, with the complete version in the actual magazine which you'll have to buy at your favorite newsstands! :)

I guess this makes me a legit writer now, huh? hahahhaa

I was just glad I was able to do this because I learned a lot about cancer. The article is entitled, "Finding the right words to say to the cancer patient" and I felt honored to have been able to interview some cancer survivors for this piece.

Lan, I'll send you a copy! hahaha


  1. Congrats! I know you must be proud. Now you need to write a novel.

  2. Thanks Tammy.. I'm sure my Mom will be proud of me as well :)


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