All things Japanese!

ok.. ok.. I admit I'm a fan of Japanese anime, especially Naruto!! I just love that guy.. he's so cute hahahaha oh and I love Jiraiya too.. what's good is that I also am beginning to learn how to speak in Japanese!! even my 4-year old girl is saying "Itadakimasu" before we eat hahaha

well, I also was able to watch a Japanese manga (their version of comics) turned live action. It's called Nodame Cantabile and I enjoyed it a lot!! It's kind of a sweet romantic comedy love story about a girl student-pianist and a boy student-conductor .. and how they find themselves and each other through their journey in life.

It makes you appreciate classical musical too :)

It's one of my newest favorites after Hana Yori Dango 1 and Hana Yori Dango 2 :)


  1. I used to watch an anime called 'DragonBallZ'. think it was japanese too.. guys know how to make cartoons!

  2. I'm familiar with DragonballZ too.. Son Goku... :) am a fan of Voltes V too hahaha


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