Processing Papers can be such a Pain!!

For the past few weeks, we have been busy filing papers regarding my mother's death. Since she died in the States, we have to get the Philippine Embassy to authenticate her death certificate and for that my brother had to personally travel to LA from San Diego to accomplish this. It really drained his financial pockets because he had to file a leave of absence to travel on top of paying for the services at the Embassy. And then, he had to send these papers to me via FedEx for a speedy dispatch.

Upon getting the papers, the first thing we processed was Den's educational insurance plan. She's supposed to get her college stipend by May 2008 but since my mother was the payor, the cheque was in her name. Thus, we first had to file a death claim with the insurance company then file the change in ownership so that the new cheque will be issued. Believe me, it sounds simple in writing but the actual going to and fro from the insurance company is such a pain! Remember, I bring my kids with me whenever we had to go out because we have no babysitter. uggh.. it was so tiring!!

Next on the agenda is my mother's retirement/pension fund from the Government's insurance firm. I am so not looking forward to this.. There's so much red tape involved and sometimes you have to deal with incompetent people.. What should be a simple procedure sometimes becomes too complicated and time-consuming.. I really hate it but it has to be done..

Wish us luck!!

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