Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday. She would have been 61 years old. She was taken too young in my opinion :)

It was a nice feeling to receive emails from family and friends and even my mom's co-workers telling me that they remembered her birthday, even without me reminding them about it. I know that some of them even visited her grave and put flowers there. So, I appreciate that because I personally can't do that...

We dedicated a mass for her and prayed for her and simply celebrated her birthday as if she was still here. We watched True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenneger (she liked his movies), ate roasted chicken and barbecued porkchops for lunch and dinner :) We would have wanted to go to the mall but it was pretty cloudy yesterday and it was drizzling.

I know the celebration is not much, but it was all in remembering her and wishing her here.

Happy Birthday MOM!! WE LOVE YOU!!

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