School has started again

Today, June 11 is the start of Den's college life hahaha That's why for the past couple of months we've been busy with preparations for it...

Actually, the past couple of months have been pretty hectic with paying the tuition fees and setting up her classes. In between, she was able to go on a much-needed vacation! Unfortunately, during the enrollment process, one of the clerks in school made a mistake of encoding her section. Instead of section 2 as she chose and put in writing in her registration form, she was encoded as section 1.. believe me, I couldn't believe it either.. a "2" doesn't look at all like a "1" right, anyway, it happened and she couldn't complete her preparations until this was all settled... so she kept going back to school to check whether the mistake has been rectified. She was told to keep coming back and coming back because they were waiting for some students who have enrolled but informed them that they won't be coming back because they were migrating.

Well, guess what, I got tired of waiting for them and gave them a piece of my mind. My niece was a High School graduate of the same school. She has enrolled first, compared to those they were waiting for and now she can't be given the section she chose just because someone made a mistake during encoding??? well, hello, that is unacceptable!!! She should not be made to suffer for a mistake she never committed. When I told them that I will be taking this matter to the Dean and expose those who made the mistake and kept telling my niece to keep coming back every couple of days, they immediately set to work..

I can't imagine why you have to show people that you're really mad before doing what should be done in the first place.. I mean, come on.. Is it a power trip because she (my niece) is an incoming freshman? Or they just don't want to bother dealing with their mistake? Or they were treated badly as freshmen so this was payback???

Well, whatever the cause, this was certainly a learning experience for Den...

After that, we were busy with claiming and ordering more uniforms. Buying shoes was such a bother - either the shoes that she liked were too expensive or they didn't have them in her size anymore. It's so hard shopping with kids in tow let me tell you. We also had to take her pants to the tailor's because they were a bit long...

All in all, it was not too bad.. exciting for Den because she'll be in University now.. a change of pace, a change of life.. I hope she does well :)

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