Aahhh, smell that fresh air...

ugh, ugh.. cough... cough... COUGH...

Man, I wish I were back in Calayan... and all that fresh air!!!!

When we were in Calayan, we weren't coughing, we weren't sneezing.. no allergies acting up... when they say fresh air.. they mean fresh air hahahahaha there are hardly any cars there.. if you want to go someplace, you walk... or ride a carabao or hop on your scooter/motorcycle.. for bigger and heavier loads, they have a "kuliglig" - a motorized contraption pulling some sort of baggage area behind it. It can carry passengers, livestock, produce.. anything LOL

Some facts that I found out while staying there:

- they only have electricity/power between 6pm and 6am. After that, nothing, unless you have a generator to power your refrigerator or other electrical appliances

- they don't pay for the water they consume...

- there is no public market - people grow their own vegetables. what they don't have, other people will provide it for you - traveling from their home to yours. If you want to eat pork, you have to buy the pig and kill it yourself. Same goes for beef. Otherwise you raise your livestock yourself and you can add goats into the picture too :)

- they sell fish by the kilo, but one price for any type of fish hahaha that's what I found interesting. Fishermen bring different types of fish, you can get 1 of each kind put them together to make at least a kilo and then pay just one price hahahaha In Manila, you want bangus you buy bangus by the kilo.. if you want a different type of fish, you buy that fish separately, again by the kilo :) what they have in Calayan is cool hahaha you can have a buffet of fish for one order and one price WOW!!

- they now have mobile phone signals.

- they now have satellite tv (for the times there's power and when you have a generator) Can you just imagine transporting a television set across the ocean :) Incredible hahaha

- they've hosted a Bikini Open in one of the beach coves there hahahaha imagine my surprise when I found out LOL (and apparently, they're continuing the 'tradition') LOL

There's bound to be more about Calayan but I'll have to stay longer next time... maybe a month or two hehehe

I really could live there and I'm already thinking of possible ways to sustain myself and my family should I make the transition... I'll wait for the airstrip and the Internet hahahaha then I'm all set hahahaha

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