Hectic Weekend

Last Friday, I got an email from my brother saying that he and Bruce sent some money to tide us over and additional money for Den's tuition which he borrowed from my uncle. You'll never know how much of a relief that was to hear. I haven't been sleeping nights thinking of where to get the money for Den's college, considering it's enrollment season already. The bigger problem is sustaining her education because her educational plan is not worth much at all..

So with the money, I paid off our horrendous telephone bill which blew up because of long distance charges and our current power bill. These two are the only basic utilities that we pay for and I can't afford to have them disconnected. In fact, because we have no outstanding telephone bills, I can now proceed to upgrade to DSL which will be a big factor in getting work-from-home jobs (which I also desperately need!).

Saturday, we went to the mall to pick up my free mobile phone. It was actually a promo that ended last October 2007, between our landline provider and it's sister company, a cellular network. You get a free mobile phone because you have been a loyal subscriber to the landline network, with no requirements needed for a postpaid subscription. I actually forgot that I submitted an application before hahahaha So, now I can replace Patrick's old Nokia 7110 (Neo's phone from the Matrix movie)!! hahahaha Oh and the new phone is a Nokia 6288 :) I think Den is more excited about it than I was hahaha Teenagers!! LOL

Anyway, Today is Sunday and I don't know if Patrick plans to attend the Motor Show. It should be interesting. We'll see :)

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