The Dreadful Autopsy Report

I have always been a fan of murder-mystery-cop-thriller series types of books. That's why I love the Kay Scarpetta series from Patricia Cornwell and John Sandford's Prey Series.

I'm also fond of watching CSI and other foresic-related TV shows.

Never have I imagined that I would be involved in reading a very personal autopsy report for myself...

My brother just sent me a copy of our Mother's autopsy report from when she was hit by a Toyota Tacoma truck last February. He warned me not to read it, because when he did, he had anxiety attacks from it and had to take some meds.

Well, I'm hard-headed so I read it.

My mother died a horrible, tragic death. The impact with the Tacoma nearly severed her head from her neck. According to the report, her C1 and C2 vertebrates were broken and her head was practically hanging on by a strip of flesh. She was bleeding from the mouth, because she bled internally as well.

She had major abrasions on her arms and legs.

She broke her arm.

She had broken ribs and some even punctured other internal organs.

She had lacerations on her head.

Because of the severity of the blow to the head, the Medical Examiner called it a "rapid death", which doesn't mean to say she didn't feel pain at all.. It simply meant, she died fast.

Can any of you honestly say that these wounds were a result of a Toyota Tacoma truck travelling at 30 miles an hour on an expressway? I don't think so. 30 miles an hour is practically crawling!!!

With these injuries, my mother was flung from the hood and hit the pavement a good distance away.

The driver was let go. My mother is dead. I have to live with this knowledge.

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  1. I don't think I could have read it. Wow - I'm with you, I dn't see how it is possible the person could have caused all that trouble while only going 30mph. Still keeping your family in my thoughts, because I know this is going to be hard for you guys for awhile.


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