Den is in College!

Oh man.. After many weeks of stress due to choosing and preparing Den for college. She has now submitted her credentials to the UST BS in Information Systems course.

Initially, she passed the BS in Information Technology course. Supposedly, being a graduate of the UST High School, she has to have priority over other applicants. NOT!! If you can picture this, the schedule for the submission of credentials was between March 24 - April 5. The UST High School released their papers on April 4th. She only had 1 day to submit them and by that time, they don't accept these papers in the afternoon. So, when can she submit them on April 5th.

Well, what do you know, she was waiting in line at 6:30am along with all the rest of the interested students and by 10am, they were told that there were no offices and no one will be there to accept their papers. Grr.. might they have posted a bulletin or something?? Those poor kids.. They were told to come back on the 8th because the 7th was declared a holiday.

Now, it's the 8th. same time - 6:30am. Guess what, by the time that she got to submitting her papers, the IT Course is now closed!! WHAT???!!! What do you mean closed, I have priority!!! I have a reserved slot!!! Her head was screaming...

It appears that there was no reserved slot, even for HS Students unless you pay the P5,000 reservation fee if you can't get your documents in time. So, that's it.. Unfortunately, we didn't have that kind of money on hand.. No wonder her other classmates got in...

Anyway, she was told that she's still eligible for the course on Information Systems but they'll check if her grades qualify her for the Computer Science course. I advised her to just take the Information Systems course because by the time they finish checking, the IS slots will most likely be filled...

How's that for organization?!!

I just hope that all this trouble is worth it in the end..

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  1. Yeah! Glad to hear she will at least be able to get in one class, but sorry to hear about the troubls. I think IT is a good field to get in to. And I'm not just saying that because I work in IT, ok, maybe I am. haha!


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