Den's Graduation Day

March 28, 2008 - This day is Den's High School graduation day. After 4 years at the University of Santo Tomas High School, she is now finished and free!!! It's also quite nostalgic for me to be attending it seeing as how it was 19 years ago that I stood on that same stage to get my own diploma :)

We all woke up very early because we had to be at the venue (PICC Plenary Hall) by 7am.. Den and her classmates had to be in school by 6am (they'll all be transported by bus to the venue)!!

Anyway, Dana was so excited she even woke up by herself. She was going to wear her new dress and that in itself is a big thing!! Dylan took a longer time to get up (which was understandable) but when we told him he'd get to wear his new Elmo shirt, well he was up and at 'em LOL

Too bad that when we got to the venue, we were told that Dana and Dylan will not be allowed to enter because of the rule that children 7 years old and below are not permitted.. which should not be the case because graduations are family events, aren't they and kids should be allowed to witness it... I can understand the need for order and such but parents will surely keep their kids in line, won't they? at least I would and my kids are well-behaved in public anyway.. but I guess there are some who aren't..

Anyway, Patrick and the kids ended up going to the local fastfood store while waiting for Den and me, so that the kids can while the time away in the playroom. But they also went home earlier because they were getting cranky, and the event still wasn't finished.

I felt sad while the ceremonies were on-going. First because I felt that my mom should have been here to witness it with me. She sure would have loved to see her favorite grandchild graduate. :) Second, I was the only one who was there for Den, although Patrick and the kids were physically there earlier. Her other classmates had as much as 5 people with them, more were even waiting outside. Third, we didn't even have a celebratory lunch for Den because of financial strappings. I did promise her that we will go for whatever she wants when some money comes in :)

After the ceremonies were over, naturally, the picture taking started :) it was chaos there! LOL there was a lot of crying, hugging, meeting parents, meeting boyfriends/girlfriends (surprise, surprise!).. it was a mixture of elation and sadness.. but sure worth remembering :)


  1. Congrats, Den! Saan siya for college and what course? :)

  2. we're still working on that hahahha


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