A New Look!

Look at this! I've changed my blog template.. Let me tell you, I got bored with the dots template that I originally had and went looking for a replacement.. I didn't know there'd be so much of very good ones out there and it was hard to choose.

I finally was able to narrow it down to a few but when I tried to incorporate them into the blog, I had a hard time with it. Either I was too stupid to follow certain instructions or there was really something wrong. I had to take a break because I was getting frustrated. This was one of those times when I thanked my lucky stars I was a graduate of Computer Science! hahaha

Well, I finally got this to work as you can see and I think it suits me perfectly! Mind you, I've never been partial to red, but I like this.. :) So I hope you guys like it too ..

Oh and I got to add the RSS feed form thingy so you can subscribe to the blog if you want.. isn't that great?? I'm really enjoying blogging hahahaha

Wait for more additions and upgrades to come!


  1. cool! i like red. :) blogger does automatic RSS feeds, so matagal na ko nakasubscribe sa blog mo via Google Reader. heheheh. :)

  2. haha newbie talaga ko.. although i do see the rss feed icon sa website address.. you learn something new everyday :) thanks for subscribing :)


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