Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter to Everyone!!

To Catholics, Easter is a special time because it commemorates Jesus Christ's rebirth. In the same manner, it also symbolizes a change in people.. a rebirth from the old ways.. a chance to start anew..

I look at it as a chance to accept my mom's death, to forgive the driver who killed her, and to let go of any hate.. it's not easy... because I want justice for my mom's death.. I still can't believe that she (it was a 23-year old Caucasian) was let go without even a slap on the wrist even though she killed my mother.. does it not matter that she took a life? Thinking about forgiveness is easier than actually doing it..

We just spent the day at home, going to Church in the afternoon.. we were content eating corn and left-over Chicken Tinola for dinner :) I feasted on Indian mangoes :)

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