Spirits and Dragonflies

I don't know if you're familiar with the Philippine superstition or saying that when someone close to you dies and then you see a dragonfly or butterfly in your house or in your vicinity, then that person's spirit is visiting you..

Well, this happened to me.. First, when my grandfather died last January.. Then when my mom died last February..

It happened again last March 17, on the eve of my mom's 40th day. It was a surprise to find a dragonfly in the living room. But when I saw it, I immediately thought of my mom and it seemed to me that she was saying goodbye.. I felt so sad and so hurt...

The dragonfly even went so far as to flit beside me, my daughter Dana and my niece Den, who at that time were also in the living room watching TV with me..

It didn't leave the house until the next morning, which coincidentally was also Dylan's 2nd birthday..

Goodbye Mom...

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