Hefty, tasteful dinner at Sambokojin in Megamall

05 December 2016

Even with the proliferation of buffet restaurants in the Metro, we've never had the chance to visit one.  When my niece, Den, called to invite us to dine at Sambokojin, we were ecstatic! :)  We finally have an opportunity to eat both Japanese and Korean dishes until our stomachs burst! :) Here's how it went :)

We arrived in Megamall around 6PM and we went straight to Sambokojin, thinking that we could wait for Den and Edwin there if they were still shopping around.  For some reason, my calls to their phone weren't being completed, it's like Smart went on strike or something hehe must be a lot of people making calls at that time.

Anyway, when Patrick was able to contact them, it turned out that they were already inside the restaurant so Den just came out to meet us.  Going in, she was showing me what dishes were available since she's had some time to check things out for herself.  Both kids were becoming energetic and I knew that they wanted to get their hands on the food.  Dylan particularly went ga-ga over the Sushi and Sashimi section.  Dana went crazy over the dessert section.  I think if I hadn't stopped her, she would have started on that! :)

To be honest, I wasn't able to pay much attention to the Korean dishes.  Almost immediately, while I went around the whole floor by myself, I automatically went for the sushi and sashimi section because I loved that! :) I must have eaten a ton of salmon sashimi haha Even Dylan went back a few times for the California maki which surprised Edwin because he himself doesn't eat sushi hehe There were so many different kinds it's hard to choose.  The trick is to try each at least once.  I wish they had name cards for each type though.

I also tried the ebi tempura, of couse, because I love prawns and these were good.  There were other types of tempura - kani, fish and veggies. I also tried the ramen.  You have to point to the ramen bowl that you want and the server will add in the soup.  These were small bowls, about half of a regular serving, but it's just enough to give you the flavor. I liked the taste of the noodles but the broth was a bit salty for me.   Oh and I also tried a few of the gyoza - they were good too.

 During the meal, we went through their Yakiniku specials - beef, pork, chicken and seafood - each with different marinade sauces to choose from.  Patrick can't get enough of the US marbled beef.  Den loved the shrimps. All these you grill yourself on the griller on the table.

We also loved the pork katsu.  It was crunchy but tender on the inside.

I honestly don't know what else we all ate because we just kept eating, getting up and getting more food that it's hard to keep up.  Next I know, Dana was having dessert and Den was getting frustrated because her fruit shake order was taking too long to arrive.  There were ready-to-serve drinks, like iced tea, lemonade and fruit juices but you can also order fruit shakes and soda from the waiters.  The bad part is that they take a long time to bring it to your table (which may be intentional hehe) and you have to keep following it up.

The desserts section was a smorgasbord of sweets.  Dana went back numerous times for the ice cream.  I tried the red velvet and the lime and mango cheesecake.  The red velvet was meh but the cheesecake was good!  I wish I could have more but my stomach was really full.

There was so much more that I wasn't able to try because, really, you can't eat everything at one time.  There's just too much.  But at least next time, I know what to go for and to check out what I missed.
So thanks to the Sambo Kojin, the Fire God for our sumptuous meal.  And Den, thanks for paying for it hahaha  Next time, it's our treat!! :D

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