Fantastic Beasts and Krispy Kreme during the kids' day out :)

12 December 2016

There are days when your plan seemed to go awry but actually ending up being better than you hoped.  This was one of those days. Patrick and I were just supposed to do our errands and bring the kids back some Krispy Kreme (as they asked) but we were too early for their promo so I simply went back and brought the kids with me instead, so they had their Kids' Day Out!

The Krispy Kreme promo I was referring to was their "Day of the Dozens" that was only available during the 12th of December and only from 3PM-7PM.  This was the mistake we made thinking it was for the whole day hehe.  If you buy a dozen original glazed donuts, you only pay P230 instead of the usual P330.  And if you have the Krispy Kreme app (which I didn't have because of storage problems on my phone), you can buy the donuts for only P200!

When Patrick and I first passed by the Krispy Kreme store, that's when we knew that we were too early for the promo and we just ended up buying half a dozen of their Nutty Cocoa Ring Donuts made with Nutella, which the kids are crazy for :)

When the kids and I returned, we were able to purchase our dozen original glazed and they even gave Dylan a cute Krispy Kreme hat and balloon.  Sadly, we had to return the balloon because we kept bumping into people with it. :)

Meanwhile, we decided to watch a movie and fortunately for us, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them was still showing so we purchased tickets and took a break at the Food Court.  I'm so happy to have kids who are content with just a swirl of soft ice cream :)

It's been a long time since we watched a movie here at the SM City Sta. Mesa, we were surprised that the ticket stiles are now automated.  You just have to scan your tickets so you can go in! haha Imagine that! :)

Since the movie Fantastic Beasts has been showing for so long, there was hardly anyone in the movie theater.  This was the first time we've watched a movie where we were the only ones watching haha  It's just disappointing that the film was too dark, like we were watching a pirated movie.  The sound was okay but the clarity of the film was poor.  It's either the screen or the projector needs to be cleaned.  It's like a waste of money to watch it like this.

Anyway, the movie, what we could see of it, was really great.  I'm so used to watching with subtitles that I kinda wished they had them though :)

Well, at least it was a day well-spent because we were together and that's what matters :)

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