Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant now at Robinsons Magnolia Food Court

02 October 2016

After buying our new 2 TB Seagate hard drive from our favorite computer shop, Dynamic PC in Gilmore, Patrick, Dylan and I headed to Robinsons Magnolia for lunch.  It's been a while since we've been to this Robinsons and we just walked around the mall looking for a new place to eat at.  When we got to the Food Court, we saw Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant and Patrick knew immediately that this is the place to eat at.

The first thing that we noticed while looking around the Food Court at Robinsons Magnolia is that there was a consistent number of people lining up at Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant and that made us curious as to what dishes they were offering.  Patrick has had the privilege of tasting Sincerity's food when one of his co-workers brought a pack of Sincerity Fried Chicken to the office and they all shared it.  He said it was delicious so he wanted to try out their other dishes.

So we looked over the menu, and trust me, it can be awhile before you can decide because there were so many dishes to choose from.  Some of them were familiar, like Sweet and Sour dishes, Camaron Rebosado, Pata Tim and Beef with Broccoli. But some of them were new to me like Adobo Frog, Angsio Tikua or Yochi, and Yuchitikwa Misua Soup.  

To help us decide, we listened to what the other customers were ordering at the counter haha I'm sure that they would order their favorites and plus, they were Chinese so they knew what the dishes were :)

So we ended up ordering their specialty Sincerity Fried Chicken.  We ordered a whole serving thinking we can bring home whatever's left anyway.  This was the "Whole" serving which costs P320.  They come in small pieces, deep fried, crunchy and very tasty.  It's better to eat it with plain rice rather than fried rice to better appreciate the buttery goodness.  Oh and it comes with its own special gravy too.

We also ordered their Sincerity Chami, P150 for Big.  This was like lomi but without the saucy, slurpy nature of lomi.  It was still tasty though especially the vegetables and shrimp.  The noodles were just the right kind of chewy :)

Patrick also ordered the kikiam (P55).  He always orders kikiam when we're eating at a Chinese restaurant.  I think he's looking for something that is comparable to the kikiam he had at the Hong Ning restaurant in Cubao which they used to frequent as a family when he was a child. :)

And to bring everything together, the ever staple of Chinese food - Sincerity Fried Rice.  This was the Big Bowl at P100.  I think it's too small for a Big Bowl :)  I wonder how small the Small Bowl is? :)


The interesting part about this branch of Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant is this phone.  They will give you one once you complete your orders and payment.  They will text you when your order is ready.  This is quite necessary in the Food Court because people tend to sit anywhere they want, although ideally you have to sit near the restaurant where you're ordering, but if you have to sit far, then the phone is a tool to alert you that your food is ready for pickup. We were all looking at this phone while waiting for our order.  :)

What I observed while waiting was that there were a number of customers who were ordering for take-out.  And they were all ordering plenty of dishes like there's a feast or something.  It's no wonder the restaurant occupied a large space in the Food Court.

If you want authentic Chinese/Cantonese dishes which are readily available at the mall but with the same taste and goodness as its original branch, then Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia is a good bet.  We'll probably go back when we go back to Robinsons Magnolia soon. :)

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