Our 3-day sample itinerary during our 2016 Baguio Trip

This is a summary or you might say a 3-day itinerary of our 2016 Baguio Trip.  These include attractions that may interest young kids and feature some of the landmark destinations in Baguio.   This list is flexible and is offered only as a suggestion.  You may add more attractions to it to suit your preferences and time constraints.  When you click the links, they will lead you to the post I made about that particular location or adventure.

Day 1

If you travel via SCTEX and TPLEX, Baguio is only 4 hours from Manila.  The ideal time to arrive is around lunchtime so you'll have time for lunch before you check-in. We were checked in at C Boutique Hotel which is why our first attractions were around the vicinity.

Day 2 

The 2nd day is the best time for driving out of the city because everyone has had a chance to rest and gain their energy.  This is also the time to pack your day with a lot of sightseeing since you have the whole day to work with.  You can also start early in the day to avoid the rush hour.  Try to include indoor activities in your itinerary just in case it rains.  

Day 3

Typically the last day is the rest day, although you can still go for early check-out to visit other attractions before heading home.  Or, you can leave early for more activities, then come back to check-out.  This is ideal if you don't want to bring your bags with you while you shop or see the sights.  

For driving directions to and from Baguio, you may also check out these links:


  1. You missed the Philippine Military Academy! Although it's out of the way, almost 12 kilometers from the town proper, it still is a tourist destination worth visiting.

    1. We were actually looking into visiting it. Maybe for our next trip :) Thanks. :)

    2. We'll keep your suggestion in mind next time we visit. We'll make sure to contact you Thanks!


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