Manila Ocean Park 2016: The Fish Spa

13 October 2016

From the Oceanarium, you take the stairs to reach the 2/F to get to the Fish Spa.  The Fish Spa is an attraction where you dip your feet into a pool of doctor fishes and leave them to feed off of the dead skin cells on your feet.  The Fish Spa is only available with the Sea Breeze (P750 for 11 attractions) and Marine Voyage (P990 for 13 attractions) packages.

You can take as long as you want here and maximize the opportunity.

Visitors can try it out from 10AM to 7PM (M-F) and 9AM to 7PM during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

While climbing the stairs, you'll notice signs that tell you what attractions there are on the 2/F.  As soon as you enter the area, you'll find The Fish Spa and the Back of the House to your left.  Further on is the way to Trails to Antarctica.

This picture was taken across the Fish Spa.

Once you get your wrist band validated by the attendant at the entrance to the Fish Spa, you'll receive a large piece of paper towel (the consistency of "wipes") to wipe your feet with after your Fish Spa experience.

Simply enter the area and pick from one of two pools.  You have to be careful when removing your shoes and socks (if you have any).  There aren't any places to put them in for safekeeping except the floor.  If you want them to remain dry, I suggest putting them away from the pool and near the walls.  Just be on the lookout so that you won't lose them :)

Patrick actually enjoyed the experience.  I laughingly remarked that this is one spa where he'll gladly go.  I enjoyed it as well except that my feet are highly sensitive and it's like being pricked with a thousand needles haha so I couldn't stand to put my feet in the water with the fish for a long time.  Also, since there was only one other group with us in the pool and they were in the other corner, the fish were converging on us.  If there were other people maybe we would have fewer fish.  As it is, they were like in a frenzy and even if we lifted our feet, they were jumping to reach it.  Some were even attached to it hahaha Kinda freaky! :)

Dana put her feet in for a short time because she got bitten earlier and didn't want a repeat of that incident. :)

Dylan, as you can see, refused to put his feet in out of fear that his feet will be eaten, much like a piranha would haha  We didn't force him :)

Here's a short video of the experience.  

This is the view from the Fish Spa.  

We only stayed here for about 15 minutes, but could've stayed longer if we weren't pressed for time.  We knew we needed to cut the experience if only to make it to the other attractions.

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