The mind-boggling night market at Harrison Road, Baguio City

27 September 2016

To say that we've had a full day today was an understatement.  Our last stop was the night market along Harrison Road which is open from 9PM until 1AM.  From our dinner at the Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant, we parked our car along Session Road and simply walked to get to Harrison Road.  The aroma of cooking food and the buzz from the energy of the people shopping along the stretch of road were enough to get us excited!

 Again, this was a first-time experience for all of us and we weren't prepared for the sight that greeted us as we reached Harrison Road.  The whole 300 meter stretch of Harrison Road was populated by hundreds of stalls selling food, garments, shoes, beddings, souvenir items, mobile phones and their accessories and a whole lot of other items.

It's really weird that just that morning, we were driving along this road and now there's hardly any road to see.  The whole lane was transformed.  Even Dylan was surprised because he recognized the area where we parked and he kept looking around for the cars on the road.  He was disoriented because at first, there was a road, and now there's just shops :)

Coming from Session Road, we also saw that there was a significant police presence in the area and I remarked to Patrick that that's reassuring.  What he said next kind of scared me a little, because he said that it's expected since they needed to be vigilant considering the recent Davao bombings, in a place just like this one.  So yeah, that brought the fear front and center.  But I had to shrug it off so that I could enjoy the experience, but I was wary, just to be on the safe side.

When we saw the food kiosks, we immediately looked at each other and thought, "We shouldn't have pigged out at the Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant because now we had no room to sample these offerings!"  There was barbecue, binatog, drinks, balut and other mouth-watering street foods :)


From there, you'll just have to wade in oceans of garments!  If you're allergic to dust or your nose is sensitive to smells, I would advise you to take some antihistamine before you plunge into the Night Market or at least put on a hygienic mask to protect yourself.

What makes the Night Market unique is that this is possibly the only place where you can buy clothes for P10 a piece!  Yes, that's TEN PESOS!  These usually include blouses and shirts so you need to be patient and check each piece on each rack to find the really great pieces.  There are also P30 and P50 pants, shorts and cardigans.

Dana was elated to find plaid shirts that were 3 for P100! :)  If you buy these in Manila, you'd have to pay at least P250 each! :D

It's kind of hard to take pictures of all the products that they're selling because there are just so many of them.  But I was able to buy these soft blankets for P180 each.  In Manila, they cost P250 each :)  We also found pajama bottoms for P150 for 2.  So Dana and I bought one for each of us :)

We could have gone walking and shopping all night until they closed but Dylan was becoming tired and sleepy.  It's understandable :)  So, we left at around 12MN and went back to the hotel, tired but very happy from our very exciting and busy day AND night. :)

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