Purchased two Philips Jelly LED Table Lamp from Lazada

20 September 2016

I recently bought 2 Philips Jelly LED Table Lamps from Lazada.  I found the process efficient, easy, professional and hassle-free.  I took a couple of days to test the lamps before I wrote this post so at least I could actually say that it works. I'll describe the process for those of you who are a bit leery of online shopping (yeah, I was one of you) and describe how it went when I plugged in our two Philips Jelly LED Table Lamp.

I've had a bit of experience with online shopping having tried Lazada, Deal Grocer, and CashCashPinoy.  I can safely say that I've had no unfortunate experiences with all three.  In this case, the process went smoothly, primarily because I had already made up my mind to buy the lamps.  I've always wanted to buy LED lamps for me and Dana because they're extremely power efficient yet give off maximum illuminance.  I saw this particular sale while browsing through Lazada's website and I couldn't pass it up.  It's a well-known brand, from a trusted seller (The SM Store) and came with free shipping.    Here's more information about the product:

So, what I did was simply, clicked the "Add to Cart" button to start the buying process.  Then, I had to fill-out personal and shipping information then decide on payment options.  I chose the Cash on Delivery option (which was easier in my opinion).  However, sometimes the "Cash on Delivery" payment option is not available so you just have to be mindful when buying online.  Once you complete the online buying process, Lazada sends you an email regarding your purchase, like so:

A couple of days later, I received another email stating that they will be delivering the Philips Jelly LED Table Lamps.  Sure enough, it arrived on September 17! That was fast! :D

So this was how it looked when unboxed.  The first thing I noticed was the plug.  You may have to buy an adapter because the plugs were rounded instead of flat.  But if your convenience outlet can accommodate both types then you won't have a problem.  What I liked though was the fact that I could plug it into either 110V or 220V (we have 110V outlets at home because we have some appliances from the US).    

The adjustable neck of the lamp was a plus.  It offers a variety of lighting dispersion.  It can be focused, particularly for arts and crafts, if it's directed downwards.  If you tilt it higher, the light is more diffused but reaches a relatively wide area.  Our room was about 12 square meters and it can easily light up the whole area.

All in all, I was satisfied with our Philips Jelly LED Table Lamps.  I also have to give props to the team at Lazada for efficient service.  Thanks! :)

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