Dinner at the iconic 50's Diner in Baguio City

26 September 2016

While here in Baguio, Patrick and I decided that we'd only eat at local restaurants and dining haunts because what's the point in traveling and educating our kids with the local culture if we're just going to end up at fast food franchises.  So, on our list of dining choices was the iconic 50's Diner at the corner of Upper Gen. Luna and Brent Roads.

We timed our arrival to avoid the dinner crowd but there was still no space at the parking lot and we had to park on the street in front of a neighboring restaurant.  I did ask a waitress if it was okay to park on the street and she checked with her boss (who I think was the owner too) and he said it was okay.

We were seated immediately at a center table because all the booths were taken.  It was hard to choose because there were so many dishes on the menu.  I read that "Guys on the Hood" and "Gangsta, Gangsta" were top dishes to order but upon checking from the menu, they were a bit much for our appetites.  :)


When a booth behind us became vacant, we asked to be transferred there and they accommodated our request.  I guess it was good that the diner wasn't full at that time.  While seated, we perused the menu even further.

We ordered Chop and Chop, 2 pieces of grilled pork chops with rice and veggies, priced at P145; Grandma's Fried Chicken, 3 pieces of deep fried battered chicken served with rice, priced at P165; and Fish and Chips, deep-fried battered fish fillet with fries, priced at P140.  In the menu, it states that Fish and Chips are served with rice but I think that's an error.  It's served with fries :) Oh and we had a pitcher of Pepsi.

We really loved the Grandma's Fried Chicken.  It was very tasty, crunchy and huge! :) Dana and Dylan shared that dish and we ordered an extra serving of rice.  Patrick "more than liked, less than loved" the pork chops and said that it was okay for its price.  The fish was so-so for me but the fries were delicious! 

Dana couldn't resist ordering their Strawberry Ice Cream shake.  Our orders amounted to P800!  That was cheap!

Strawberry Ice Cream Shake - P85
Of course, we couldn't leave without taking a picture of the Dune Buggy that is a staple at the 50's Diner.  :)

By the time we were finished, more and more people arrived and soon the diner was jam-packed.  We were glad we arrived when they were less hurried and the atmosphere wasn't so frantic.  Maybe next time, we'll get to try their specialties :)

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