New Year's Staycation at Hotel Jen (formerly Traders Hotel)

January 1-2, 2015

We started the New Year with family, particularly Patrick's brother Stevie's family.  They invited us to spend a night at the Hotel Jen (formerly Traders Hotel) just to catch up and be together.  Naturally, the kids were excited because it meant getting out of the house and they also wanted to see their cousins Lance and Hannah again.

All of them have already grown so big!  Two Tadeo cousins were missing though, Dimples' kids, Rhys and Vito, whom we haven't seen in a long time.

Though it was very cold and raining, that didn't stop the kids from taking a dip in the pool.  They were chilled to the bone, their chins were quivering and still they swam!  Poor daddies, they had to be cold with the kids too!

By the time, everyone came out of the pool and took a bath, it was dark and that was our view from our 14th floor connecting room.  The kids were busy running around and playing between the two rooms and Patrick and I just settled on the couch and took selfies LOL It took a number of tries till we got one right hahahha

The next morning, I was woken up by Dylan's incessant kicking so I decided to wake them all up for their early morning swim hehehe No one seemed to complain though since they wanted it anyway!  We left the kids in the care of Stevie while we bought breakfast at the nearest Jollibee in Harbour Square across the CCP.

We all lazed about while waiting for check out time.  At the lobby, the cousins took pictures for posterity.  

Meanwhile, Dylan was entranced with the revolving door and wanted to try it out by himself.  But, he backed out at the last minute and had to wait for Dana to help him out :)

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