Last Gimmick for the Year at Greenhills

December 30, 2013

Well, it's almost the last day of the year and we're spending it in Greenhills :)   We were only supposed to buy some groceries for the New Year but Patrick decided to visit Greenhills so we did.

We just went around Virra Mall and Shoppesville, stopping to break for snacks at Kamicos supposedly the best tacos in town.  There were a lot of people ordering and eating despite the minimal number of chairs and tables.  You literally have to wish that other people will eat faster so you can grab their spots.

So, after snacks, we walked around some more, and if you've been to Greenhills you know what I mean.  Finally, we walked a long time and it was time for DINNER! yay! hahaha  We ate at the newly-renovated House of Minis and it was a bit disconcerting because it used to be dark and cozy.  Now, people passing by can peek inside and see you eating hahaha But the food was still great and yummy!

We then proceeded to go to the outdoor parking lot to watch the annual COD performance.  It was a good ending to a great year.

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