Family: Reunion with Uncle Bebot Tadeo and family

April 21, 2013

One of the best things about Facebook is that it's easy to reconnect with long lost family members.  Thanks to Facebook we were able to reconnect with JR, Patrick's cousin from his Dad's side of the family.  They used to be close when they were kids but time and distance eventually diminished their communication.  When they got to talking, they made plans to meet up and luckily enough, Patrick had an Isuzu DMax pickup truck to test drive so we all went to Gerona, Tarlac for a reunion!

Our first stop was breakfast at Jollibee.

Then, we went on our way.  The ride was smooth and comfortable (for a pickup).  I remember I used to hitch a ride with my boss who drove a Toyota Hilux and that was a bumpy ride.  The kids and I were pretty content which is good for a long drive :)

On the way we saw the Tollgate to TPLEX being built.

We arrived at Uncle Bebot's place in about 3 hours.  Dylan immediately refreshed himself at the pool hahaha Too bad we didn't bring swimsuits :)

Catching up by the pool.. So refreshing.. With Uncle Bebot and JR!

The kids having fun outdoors.  We all had such a good time that we were invited to come back and we sure will! :)

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