Kids: Dylan's Linggo ng Wika celebration

September 01, 2012

It's always exciting for me when there's a scheduled school activity for either of the kids.  Yes, it may be stressful looking for costumes and such and even preparing food to bring to school to share with everyone but in the end, it's seeing the joy that your child experiences that makes everything worthwhile.

So, in the beginning everyone was seated promptly and the kids were awaiting the arrival of the rest of their classmates.  Apparently, some of the kids, the girls mostly, were taking their time putting on their makeup .  

It was fun seeing Dylan actually participating in the choric recitation, the Sabayang Bigkas, which we practiced at home too.  But it wasn't nice seeing his classmate pushing and pushing him to the side while they were waiting to begin.

The parents and the kids had a great time eating together with dishes brought to school by the parents.  We brought fried chicken and there was a lot of food to go around.  We were even able to take some home :)

It was a good day for Dylan :)

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