Kids: Dana's 2012 Field Trip - Part 1 Ocean Adventure

September 02, 2012

After a hectic week preparing for Dylan's Linggo ng Wika, September 2 dawned very, very early for me since Dana and I had to get ready for her Field Trip and we were supposed to be at her school by 530AM. I barely had any sleep but parents really trudge on for the love of their kids :)

Their field trip this year was held at the Ocean Adventure and the Zoobic Safari. Since we've been to Ocean Adventure before, Dana wasn't as excited about it but I told her that there may be new exhibits or added attractions that she may find entertaining and educational.  We weren't disappointed.  

The tour at Ocean Adventure started with the Walk on the Wild Side exhibit where the kids were taught about forest and domesticated animals.  Then there was a new attraction called the "African Balancing Act" which features African men performing wild acrobatic balancing acts.  The kids loved it!  The highlight for Dana was after the show when the kids were given a chance to have their pictures taken with the performers.  One of them picked her up for the shot! :) Was she surprised! :P  It was such a memorable event for her! :D

The next stop was lunch which was part of the tour package.  After that, we went directly to the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show.  The venue was also new and featured a new pool for the sea lions to play in.  Expect to get a little wet since the seats are close to the pool, but it's fun!  The only drawback was that the light will mostly be in your way when you take pictures but other than that, it was entertaining.

With the Sea Marine Patrol show over, we all proceeded to the Dolphin Show.  It was rather hot where we were seated and you're not allowed to open any umbrellas because you'll be obstructing the view of the people above you.  It was a good thing that Dana had a light sweater and she wore the hood on her head (she's prone to nose bleeds from the heat).  I was able to great pictures of the dolphins though :)

The final leg of the tour was at the Ocean Adventure Aquarium where there are displays of various type of fish indigenous to Subic Bay and the South China Sea.

After coming out of the aquarium, there was a bit of rest period so kids can either eat some snacks or just while the time away.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at these slides to show you more pictures taken during the Field Trip.  The first presentation is mostly of Dana :)  The 2nd presentation is all about the animals of Subic.


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