Cars: Hyundai Lateral Drift

September 08, 2012

Today's event is the Hyundai Lateral Drift challenge held at the Luneta Grandstand.  When Patrick mentions that he's going to an event and that we may tag along, we don't usually question what goes on and we just find out when we get there.

To our surprise, the event was about cars fighting for the top spot in Drifting.  We were aware that there's a rapidly growing car drifting fan base in the Philippines having attended several of these competitions in Greenhills and Eastwood.  So, it was nice that it was held at the Luneta Grandstand because at least you can actually see the cars drifting and yet be far away enough to be out of danger in case the cars spins out of control.

While waiting for the event to start, guests were treated to a buffet.  Dana really enjoyed eating their nachos and ordinarily she would ask one of us to accompany her to the buffet table, but in this instance, she kept going back by herself which just goes to prove that she loved the nachos so much she was able to overcome her shyness.  I think she went back three times! :)

Dylan on the other hand was more interested in watching the cars drifting than in eating.  It was thrilling but it felt painful to watch when one of them makes a mistake costing them their position in the running. There was one that ended up scraping his car on the sidewalk! Ouch!

After, there was a drifting exhibition showing off the new Genesis Coupe.  The cars were driven by Atoy Llave and Gio Rodriguez.   You can find the video from Top Gear Philippines here.


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