Kids: Tracy's first trip to Manila Zoo

August 19, 2012

It's always a pleasure when we have the time to go and visit our childhood haunts, like the Manila Zoo (along Adriatico Street in Malate, Manila).  It gives Patrick and I a chance to see the changes they've made (which they have in recent years) and for the kids to appreciate what we so loved before.  It was Tracy's first time to the zoo, although I think she wasn't really interested in anything at the moment hahahaha but here are the pictures :)

The Elephant paddock is the first you'll see upon entering the Manila Zoo.  Since it was a weekend holiday, there were a lot of people in the zoo which was why Dana's face looked like this.  Other parents, grandparents and kids were crowding the fences and taking pictures and there was one "adult" that literally pushed my kids out of the way at which time she got an earful from me.  Couldn't help it, you just don't push someone, like little kids for that matter, just so you can have your frickin' picture taken with the elephant who wasn't even facing you! ok I'm calm now LOL

Okay, so Tracy was just busy chewing on her pacifier the whole time we were walking around :)

We did get a chance to get a picture of the elephant and without any people to boot!! hahaha

The Zebra grazing

The Tiger lounging

Patrick pretending to eat Tracy LOL
The Hippo swimming

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