Kids: At the SM Toy Expo

August 25, 2012

I don't know if you are like me when I hear the word "SALE".  I sort of go into a panic and then I force myself to calm down When I saw on Facebook that there was to be a Toy Expo at the SMX in Mall of Asia, that's exactly what happened.  It's never too early to plan and buy for Christmas.  If there are sale events in the Metro which can help save you money, then by all means go to them and just be disciplined enough to buy only what your budget requires.  I know, it's hard! But if you concentrate on getting what you and your kids want, especially in a grand Toy Sale like the Toy Expo,  you'll have more money to spend on additional items.

We certainly spent a long time walking around the whole exhibition area and at the same time, the kids took their time getting their pictures taken at the displays and photo booths.  The Ben 10 and Thundercats section had their own photo background which the kids took advantage of.  Come to think of it, even Patrick got in on the picture taking :)

So, there was also a Power Rangers display, a small Bumblebee Transformers statue, an Iron Man statue and a Captain America statue.

Naturally, Patrick just had to try out the Gran Turismo on the PS3. It took him a while to get his turn because kids had to be dragged kicking and screaming by impatient parents.

One of the great buys that we got was this Spongebob Tent that we got for Dylan.

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