Dana's Christmas Presentation in School

December 16, 2010

If you have kids, nieces and nephews, you know that Christmas in school will not be complete without a Christmas presentation.  This is the part where your kids participate in dances, choral singing, plays and sometimes, all of the above, albeit with a few grumblings on our part because of the expense, but in the end, you are filled with utmost pride to see your kids on stage and doing their thing :)

Well, Dana had her Christmas presentation in school last December 16 and their theme was International Christmas.  Each grade level, including that of the High School and College levels, was to perform or demonstrate how a particular country celebrates Christmas.  In Dana's case, they were assigned Spain and they had to memorize Noche de Paz (Silent Night).  They were going to sing it dressed in white skirts, red shirts, knee high red and white socks and Santa hats :)  Unfortunately, they were too crammed up on the stage and I couldn't take a decent picture of her because she was hidden behind all the other bigger girls! I wonder why they just didn't put the big girls at the back of the lineup??  

So anyway, you'll have to be content with these photos after the fact! LOL

We stayed and watched the other kids' presentations until the time when the kids were complaining of hunger pains LOL  After all, the activity started at around 5PM so it's only natural that they be hungry after about an hour, probably because of boredom too hahahhaa

So, we all went to a nearby Pizza Hut to celebrate Dana's participation.  :)

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