Dana's School Fair

February 15, 2010

One of the things that I most remember when I think about my days in school during elementary is the school fair.  I often look forward to the rides, the food and the days of no classes like any normal child :)  This is Dana's first school fair and she's as excited as I was :) There's nothing more exciting than knowing that you'll see your child perform in public and you just want to show your support :)  I know they've worked hard at their dance number and they can't wait to show off to parents, teachers and other school mates.

Dana's school fair was a week long affair.  There were rides (a ferris wheel and a dinosaur ride) and booths with food, games and prizes.  The first day, the kids paraded around the school and even outside where they walked along the streets :) Dana complained of being tired from the heat but she was so happy she said it was like going on a field trip hahha aaah the simple joys of youth! :D  Look at the picture and you'll see Dana trying to look cool haha  They're waiting for their turn in the program.  Admittedly, they've gotten quite restless as the day wore on :)
To pass the time, the kids just played around, had a few drinks to quench their thirst, explored the booths and basically tried to keep quiet and behaved.  

Here are Dana and Dylan, of course, they're wearing matching shirts hahaha and Dylan, naturally, is making his dinosaur faces :)  It's quite funny that when we bought these shirts we didn't know at that time that Dana will be needing a yellow shirt.  They both love watching Spongebob Squarepants so we immediately bought these shirts for them when we saw them at the mall :D

Here's Dana's dance video.


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