2009 Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!  Itr's that time of year again when friends and family come together to celebrate a joyous occasion.  For this year, we made a lot of Christmas preparations because the kids are now able to undertake the decorating of the Christmas tree so we bought a new one including all the decorations.  We just made it very simple as you can see and we got a bargain with the tree when we bought it at the Dapitan arcade.  Imagine a 5ft tree for only P1,600.. other trees cost as much as P6K.  Even the balls were a steal! I was going crazy buying those things hahahaha  The Christmas lights we bought at SM because I don't want the fake ones that easily blow up and cause fires.

We were also able to buy a new bed for my Lola to use (which Den or Dylan will use later on) as well as a new sofa set as you can see here.  We went to Caloocan to buy these furniture because it's cheaper there and there are more options and more products to choose from.  We custom-made this sofa set based on dimensions of the doors hahaha

My father also paid a visit when he found out that Lola and Uncle Jimmy were here.  Here are some pictures of that "momentous" occasion hehehe

Christmas day was an exciting one for the kids.  They had a lot of gifts to open, courtesy of a lot of sales at the malls, factory outlets and flea markets :)

We prepared some pasta, fried chicken and ham for the "feast" but everyone was busy with their gifts (receiving and giving) to care about food hahaha

Lola and Uncle Jimmy left for the States on December 28.  We wanted to take them to the airport but there were a lot of the family going with them so we stayed behind.  I think it was a good idea to stay behind because I didn't want to get too emotional and you know when you see someone hurting, you feel hurt too and I didn't want my Lola to feel even more sad. 

Here are the pictures before they left :)

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