More House renovation stories :)

Okay so obviously, I owe you my dear friends, family and readers the continuation of the house renovation epic that we're currently undergoing :)So in my last post, we were already able to buy the curtain rods and curtains in Divisoria. Well this is what they look like once we've installed them.

After installing these curtains, we went to Cubao for some downtime :) We ended up going to Shopwise to do some grocery shopping. While there, we chanced upon a "buy 1 take 1" deal. There were 334x290x800 mm shelves in light blue color for P1000. So it's like P500 each which was a steal!! We also bought Dana her Lightning McQueen bike while we were there :)

As soon as we got home, we assembled the shelves that we got. We liked them so much that we decided to go back and buy 2 more sets, for the kids and for extra shelves. While there, we chanced upon another bargain. We bought this entertainment cabinet in Shopwise Cubao for P2K less than the original price. Add to that, they just released a new color so instead of the light-colored wood that they had on display, we chose this darker one because we were thinking of painting the living room too. But since this whole set couldn't fit through the doorway if delivered as is, we ended up in negotiations with the guy who assembles them :) He came home with us and assembled it right in the living room and we just paid him extra for his service :)

Here's a picture of what the kids' toy shelf look like :) The kids' now have a kind of display shelf for their toys and they're so good at keeping them in their proper place too :) While I was assembling the shelf cabinet, I was so excited because I had the idea in mind how the toys will look like :) I'm glad the kids liked it. I live for this stuff ! LOL


  1. haha I knew this one was comin! the kids look adorable :)

  2. I couldn't keep you in suspense ;) hahaha


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